“Tales From The Roadshow”
is a unique and entertaining show about British TV’s Antiques Roadshow. Now in its 38th year, the Roadshow has been described by recent presenter, Michael Aspel, as “one of the longest surviving and most successful stories in British television history”.

The programme attracts audiences of tens of millions across the world and is recognised as a television phenomenon.

Part game show, part Brains’ Trust, the success of the Antiques Roadshow lies not only in the discoveries which emerge from crumpled newspaper wrappings, carrier bags and battered boxes, but also in the stories and personalities of the owners.

“I never fail to be amused, entertained and even flabbergasted not only by the objects but by the stories that go with them” says recent presenter, Michael Aspel.

Some of the items brought in may have been discovered in attics or cupboards, others could be heirlooms handed down through generations. Many of the best finds have been picked up for almost nothing in junk shops or flea markets. There is always a tale to be told.

Whether the objects themselves are curiosities, rarities or, occasionally, very valuable pieces, it is the winning combination of their stories of discovery mixed with the owners’ spontaneous reactions caught on camera which have audiences glued to the programme.

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