Paul Atterbury

Paul Atterbury once described the role of an Antiques Roadshow expert as, “Part doctor, part priest, someone who can send people away feeling glad theyve come to the Roadshow, even if their object is quite worthless in commercial terms.”

Paul’s parents were collectors and it is said that his enthusiasm for antiques started in the pram. These early interests led to a passion for ceramics and then for art and antiques generally, with a particular interest in design. During his life he has been a graphic designer, guide book and travel writer, magazine editor, lecturer, exhibition curator at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and publisher. He has also found the time to write over thirty books, on ceramics, silver and jewellery, Art Deco design, travel, local history, canals and railways.

Paul joined the Antiques Roadshow in 1990 and has been a regular occupant of the Miscellaneous table since then, often working with Hilary, who has taught him many things he never knew. He is a man of many passions, some of which have developed from objects seen on the Roadshow. He has also worked on other TV programmes including 20th Century Roadshow, The Great Antiques Hunt, The Antiques Inspectors, Period Rooms and Castle in the Country.

Paul and his wife live in Dorset in a converted railway carriage — railway enthusiasm knows no bounds.

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